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  1. DX8 Hardware Sound Acceleration causes PC to freeze???

    My pc freezes after 30mins of playing AoE2. When I test my soundcard under DX8, there is no sound coming out of the speakers when sound hardware acceleration is enabled. I've use this soundcard on...
  2. My pc sometimes freezes when it is shutiing down....

    My pc sometimes freezes when it is shutiing down. This is the first soundcard I'm installing on to my pc. I'm using Win98Se, and I've taken out all the entries that is related to the soundcard in...
  3. Boot-up takes longer after installing Vortex2???

    I have just installed new Vortex2 soundcard into my pc, and I'm experiencing some significant slowdowns when I boot my machine. My specs are :

    Duron 750@959
    Asus A7V133
    Micron 512MB PC133
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