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  1. Sb-128 pci has better Amp and sound than Live ??

    I have spoken to a few people who state that
    the Soundblaster 128 pci has a better amp that the Live cards, and therefore they use them. Yes they don't get 3d sound, but they only use 2 speakers. ...
  2. Who thinks I should rid of my SB-Live for a 128 ???

    Let me tell you, I have had sooo many irq problems with my x-gamer, all because it eats 2 irq's. One for live and one for 16bit emulation. I once had a 128 and it never gave me these problems. Who...
  3. Dam SB-Live X-Gamer takes up 2 dam Irq !!!!!!!!!!!!

    My dam soundblaster live x-gamer takes up 2 irq's one for the live and one for the 16-bit emulation. What can I do, because
    all my irq's get mixed up when I stick my network card in and usally the...
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