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    er, what OS you running? the drivers for...

    er, what OS you running?

    the drivers for 95/98/NT are here.

    I did manage to find win2000 drivers for the MX300 here..

    good luck! if those don't work, just keep looking on google or...
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    EAX Confusion - please help!

    I've had a creative SB Live for a long time now, and have always had a question about the EAX.

    does the default built in support for the SB Live! in win2k or winXP provide EAX...
  3. liveware 3.0 uninstallation problems in win2k

    Hi, every time i run ctuninst.exe to uninstall liveware 3.0 for win2k, it runs the setup program but then freezes and stays there doing nothing.. and hten freezes essentially. how the heck do i get...
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