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  1. Best Soundcard (In terms of AUDIO quality ex. when playing MP3)

    I am sick of my old Soundblaster 32 Soundcard!!!
    I want a AUDIO card for my pc which can reproduce GOOD audio quality when ex. playing MP3's.
    I am also thinking of which is the best solution....
  2. Yieppie - i am running my PII-233 on a Abit BX6 at 100Mhz Bus 3X = prob.

    Today i got my new mobo, A Abit BX6, I am running my little PII-233 at 3X 100Mhz bus, = i now have a PII-300Mhz, running perfectly. My Sdrams are PC66 and they are running great in 100Mhz. Today...
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    Overbusclock a PII-233 on a Abit-BX6???????

    I am planning to buy either a Abit BX6 or a BH6 mobo, my plan is to use my old PII-233 processor and overclock the bus (my processor is multiplierlocked).
    My question is ? is this possible? I am not...
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