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    I's a standard RCA connection JEff ...

    I's a standard RCA connection


    I once killed a man just to watch him die, then I got distracted and missed it all.
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    Hooking up PC speakers to TV/VCR ?

    I recently broke down and bought a quality brandname 2.1 computer speaker set-up (no more 12.99 special for me!). I was amazed by the upgrade in sound quality. What I was wondering is, is it...
  3. is this a even possible, or just some fantastic dream

    is it possible for me to hook up a pair of computer speakers to my vcr. my tv's built in speakers are pretty weak so I'm planning to hook up some bookshelves when I can, but for now can i buy an...
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    somethings going to change.

    Hi, I got my tax refund today, so I have a small upgrade planned, one or the other.
    Currently I have a

    Diamond sonic impact s90
    A pair of $20 Jensen Speakers

    It's been about 3 years since...
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    Diamond sonic impact s90

    My Sound Blaster 16 (non PNP) finnally self-destructed, it was about 5-6 yrs old and though it was dated, I'm kind of sad to see the old girl go. Anyways I ordered a Diamond sonic impact s90 as a...
  6. SB16 has gone to hell and I need an exorcist fast!!

    My sound blaster 16 used to work great under win98, but suddenly nothing is happening. I'll get the occasional sound but mostly get messages like "Hardware is not present, busy or not responding" ...
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