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    Whats the best quality MP3 codec around??

    Can someone recommend the highest quality MP3 codec around?

    A few years ago people were saying the Fraunhofer codec was #1 now they are saying that LAME is the best...hmmm i'm confused.
  2. HELP... Philips AE with lots of distortion under XP

    Anyone with a Philips Acoustic Edge Card have problems playing Audio CDs under XP using Windows Media Player?
    I get alot of pops and distortion. Playing mp3s sound OK.
    Yes I've updated drivers to...
  3. Is Philips AE best around for playing mainly...

    Is Philips AE best around for playing mainly mp3s/audio cd??
  4. Philips AE S/card - what if drivers were improved???

    Would you think the Philips Acoustic Edge Sound Card be a superior card to the rest if they constantly improved the drivers for it??? All the reviewers are complaining about how the drivers are very...
  5. AMD Athlon 1.2GHz 384MB SDRAM (PC133) 40GB -...

    AMD Athlon 1.2GHz
    384MB SDRAM (PC133)
    40GB - 7200rpm
    32MB NVIDIA TNT2 Card
    52x CDROM
    12/8/32 Sony CDRW
    Win98SE - WinXP later on
  6. Herc. GT-XP or Phillips AE??...Cost not an issue with me.

    I'm thinkin' of getting a new soundcard.
    Was intending to get the Creative Audigy, but from all the bad reviews it has turned me away from it. So I've narrowed it down to the Hercules GT XP and the...
  7. Philips AE Sound Card.....can you recommend?

    Think of getting the PHILIPS ACOUSTIC EDGE Sound Card. Love to hear from people who own one or know a bit about sound cards and what they think of it.

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    Creative Audigy... is it worth buying???

    The new Creative Audigy Sound it worth buying??? Whats new?? What is the difference between it and SBLive. I like listening to mp3s will it improve my listening pleasure??

  9. Cambridge DTT3500D's or Altec Lansing ADA890's???

    I know, I know... Klipsch will beat both any day, but unfortunately, I cannot get hold of them anywhere in Australia, let alone where I live locally. I'll have to be content with something other than...
  10. No Klipsch distributer in OZ...whats next best?

    There's no distributers of the Klipsch speakers in the land downunder - Australia. Plus you can't buy them online from Klipsch website outside USA. So what speakers should I be looking for??

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    Speakers recommendation excluding Klipsch??

    What speakers would you recommend I buy other than the Klipsch brand. Although I'd love to buy the Klipsch speakers due to all the v. good message posts on it, they do not sell them locally in...
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    Altec Lansing ADA890....are they any good?

    The Altec Lansing ADA890 5-piece speaker set... would anyone recommend it. Is it good games/mp3 speakers?
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    5-piece Speakers....any recommendations???

    Looking to purchase some high quality 5-Piece Speaker any suggestions????
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