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  1. Can I port forward between 2 routers? if Router1 is password protected?

    My ISP, had given me a router where the coaxial cable comes, and where I connect directly (via LAN port) to my pc. (they are 4 ports):
    Port 1. Directly to my pc.
    Port 2. To my D-link wifi router...
  2. That's the same in a reverse way, if I look for...

    That's the same in a reverse way, if I look for something, only in "Panamá", as a region. Google would filter all webserver that apply to Panamá. I need the reverse, all webservers but Panamanian....
  3. Googling with exclussion countries result, is possible?

    Hi guys (and gals), time away from this forum.

    I have a new question, is possible to search for something, excluding one or more countries?

    For example, wordwide result, except the one found in...
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    Anyone know about tunneling?

    Hi guys, I asked around and someone told me that I need to know about tunneling, if I'd like to set up the following:

    In my job, we all are restricted to the internet by a proxy (LAN), it...
  5. gracias guys

    gracias guys
  6. [RESOLVED] Some questions about I5 3570 and AZROCK B75M-DGS R2.0

    Hi, yesterday I bought an INTEL I5 3570 (3.4GHZ ivy bridge). with an azrock B75M-DGS R2.0


    MOTHERBOARD: Asrock...
  7. [RESOLVED] Can I have surround sound from an HDMI audio?

    My Video card is: EVGA GTX 460 768mb. It has an HDMI connector that sends video and audio to my LCD (LG) TV.
    If i buy a hometheater that has HDMI in, and out, will it send surround to the speakers...
  8. Cannot record a DVD-rw, it says I have no permission.

    I used to record my backup in a DVD-RW per day (1 dvd-rw per day from monday to friday), but since last week, I 'm having problems while recording, it starts, and then at about 40% it says, that I...
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    Tell me about the Icloud

    Can you install an app, or any software to your cloud account? just as a "real hdd"?
    Can you map your cloud to your computer? just as a network drive?

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    DanceHall, how did you put two of them? just by...

    DanceHall, how did you put two of them? just by using a simple RJ45 cable into each Router? or by any complicated replication or something?

    BINK, everything is at its default setting.
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    Why does wireless router stop responding?

    I have bought a new Router for our new small conference room, but since it was intented to work for about 10 users, but in the first day of use (with about 18 users) that wireless router after about...
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    thanks and another question, why dont I...

    thanks and another question, why dont I difference the sound quality if I enable EAX and disable surround and if I enable surround and disable EAX?

    shouldn't I need to mix both (EAX and surround)...
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    is EAX just 4 channels?

    I mean does the real term of EAX is the way the game splits the sound into 4 channels?
    because If I play a game and in AUDIO OPTIONS I put QUADRAPHONIC SPEAKERS I hear the same thing as when I...
  14. is there any new driver for SB live value? (6 months or earlier)?

    I got SB live value, is there any new driver to download?

    ...and remember...
    ...Panama Rules...
  15. please let me know if my CS4281 (PCI) sound card is damaged

    I plugged the card, then WIN98SE detected, when I try to play any sound nothing hears, I check the volume, the speaker jacks, the drivers are the latest and nothing make it work. ...
  16. ¿is there any Headphone where I can get FULL HomeTheather sound?

    ¿Is that possible?
    if so... ¿what brand and model?

    ...and remember...
    ...Panama Rules...
  17. ¿How do I know the exact model of my PnP Sound Chip audio card? if I lost the booklet

    Did lose my booklet and I dont know what model is my sound card...
    it says in a chip "avance logic"
    and while trying to install it, it says "pnp sound chip" detected.
    but dont have any drivers......
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    thanks for your reply, my sound card is the ESS...

    thanks for your reply, my sound card is the ESS SOLO (which is integrated to my BIOSTAR motherboard model M5SAA)
    I tried reserving the Irq 10 but it doesnt connect to another one. ...
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    DOS games and sound card

    I got some games in DOS that are configured to use a specific IRQ (2,3,5,7), mine is set to 10 (and CANNOT be changed) ¿how do I proceed?
    ¿is there a program to emulate an IRQ position?
    or to...
  20. Any upgrade for my ESS SOLO sound card built in?

    I got a ESS SOLO built-in my motherboard.
    what can I do for upgrade it?
    any software? (compatible)
    any new driver?
    or anathing else?
  21. What's the best 32bits or 64bits emulator for a sound card? (not MIDI)

    Is there a good 32bits or 64bits emulator <close to CREATIVE LAB> emulator?
    remember wingroove, it seemed to emulate 32bits MIDI in 16 environments (using CPU power).
    what one would make it for...
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