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  1. Thanks for suggestion. Seems like a good idea -...

    Thanks for suggestion. Seems like a good idea - cheap too.

    This is going to sound really dumb but I'm assuming that they can plug into the SbLive sound card (the connectors on my stereo are wrong...
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    Thanks anyway but Jesus Christ! They're 370 !!!!

    I'm not that much of a sound buff! All I need them for is play some MP3s but my soundblasters sound crap!

    Any cheaper suggestions ie 50 to...
  3. What are the best speakers (available in the UK) for music?

    I have the Creative / Cambridge Soundworks FPS1500 speaker set, with a SB Live Value sound card.

    I play alot of music on my PC but the speakers which I have do not sound "crisp" when I play music....
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