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    Sound Blaster awe64 ECHO ?

    I have a Awe64 card
    when i play wav or mp3 On winamp
    or other player there a echo sound
    can i disable it
  2. AMDK6-2 350 Vs Pentium II 350 ? Which Is Better And which to Buy ?

    Is it worth Buying Amdk6-2 now and buy Amdk7
    Later. OR Just Go for pentium II.

    A pentium II Is more expensive About $150 with the mb vs the amdk6-2 with mb
  3. Both In real Mode or dos box in real mode the...

    Both In real Mode or dos box
    in real mode the game hang and in dos box
    it did not detect any sound card
    i have use the software form Sblive
    but it still does not work

    Please help
    those guy...
  4. Problem With SBLIVE IN DOS Cannot get sound

    My dos game cannot use any sound please help !
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