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  1. Windows 10 Freezing Up After Resuming from Sleep/Hibernation

    Hi Folks,

    I upgraded to Windows 10 the day it was available. No issues and all was well, however in the past month or so, when I resume from sleep (and hibernation, tried this as well), it...
  2. Installing Sound Blaster PCI128 Drivers!!!

    Hey guys,
    I was gonna update my sound drivers tonite, and when I went to Creatives site, it said I had to download a LIB file, as well as the EXE file in order to work. I did that, and when...
  3. Replies

    I had the same problem. Do you have onboard...

    I had the same problem. Do you have onboard sound?? I have onboard and went to install my SB 128 and only disabled it in te BIOS. But my motheroard needed the jumpers to be switched. If you dont have...
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