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  1. A question concerning OC'ing and the cooling issue

    First, let me thank all of you for the great advice you have provided me in my previous posts, a special thanks to Kash for your time and patience with all us novices.

    My latest question concerns...
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    Thanks a million Kash. I really appreciate all...

    Thanks a million Kash. I really appreciate all the great information. I'll let ya know how I do and I'll certainly post if I run into any trouble.

    Thanks again...
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    O'clocking and the "burning in" process

    I am going to start build my second system but this is the first I will be building specifically for OC'ing purposes. I am going with the Abit BH6, the Cel 300A and high quality PC100 SDRAM. In a...
  4. Has Intel adjusted the Cel 300A or am I just being paranoid?

    I have seen a few posts around that have mentioned that Intel has done something to the newer Celeron 300A chips that wont allow them to overclock anymore by adjusting the FSB to 100mhz. Does anyone...
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