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  1. Thank You all for the suggestion, but the problem...

    Thank You all for the suggestion, but the problem is I cant move to any other brand, because I have purchased Kaspersky support for 3 PC. Is there anyone who can help me to resolve my issues....
  2. Get rid of a Trojan Virus with the help of Kaspersky AntiVirus.........

    My PC having Kaspersky AntiVirus on my computer and it says "Threats Malware".
    Detail report:
    There was 10 Trojan Virus, 8 of which are Detected and Processed and 1 is Inactive. Now I am able to...
  3. Have you tried doing it with the search tools option?


    I think Google has an option to set location for search preferences with the Search Tools there. Well it's surely there but you just need to enter the PIN or ZIP code for the specific...
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    Hello to everyone...

    I have currently joined this Forum. I am interested in this Forum site. I am Tech Support Eng and this kind of Forum will help me lot for gathering information regarding viruses and computer problem.
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