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    What monitor model you got? It could be a reason...

    What monitor model you got? It could be a reason if it's bad quality inner shield is receiving some interfare waves from SoundWorx. In case you have a good monitor you may have bad speakers - not the...
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    SP/DIF output on SB Live! ???

    I checked on DAT page, that SB Live! !!!FULL!!! edition uses Coaxial digital connectors for audio input.... What i need is SP/DIF connection to receive Dig. signal from DVD drive. Maybe i am wrong,...
  3. Folks, help about that Digital sound output (for DVD?)!!

    I just checked Pioneer DVD a03s drive review, and the only thing that prevents me from buying it, is that it hasn't Digital Sound Output connector on it's back...8(
    Is it a big loss for DVD video...
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