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    dvd drive and soundcard problem

    I hust got a 2x creative dvd drive and here is my problem: everytime i tried to listen an audio cd i got some noises or interferences every ten seconds (more or less) i started to worry because...
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    can anyone make a suggestion here?

    if anyone knows a denon djs cd player (the kind that is used to mix music) i need a soundcard that allow me to use my computer as one of those cd players, i mean i need something that let me ...
  3. thanks i'll give it a try!!!! i have noted that...

    thanks i'll give it a try!!!!
    i have noted that this driver is a little bit risky have you ever tried? i would like to know about that

    [This message has been edited by tool bag (edited...
  4. problems with mi creative ensoniq pci :-(

    i just installed a creative soundblaster ensoniq pci mainly 'cause i know i don't have a super pc so anything that can help to free the cpu of more work is welcome.
    first of all i disabled the...
  5. i need fast opinions on this sound card!!!!!

    i can get a great deal (5 bucks) on a creative ensoniq pci card to replace my ac97 onboard sound so i would like to know what you think about it anything would be good (specs, opinions, etc)....
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