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    If you want an encoder, use MPEG suite. Its...

    If you want an encoder, use MPEG suite. Its fast, easy to use, and does a hell of a job.

    If you want a copy, just send me an E-mail, and I'll forward it to you (less than 1meg)

    Also let me...
  2. PCI 128 - what speaker setup for 4 point sound

    I have recently acquired a new system, and am very happy with its performance appart from the obvious place that manufacturers save money on. The speakers are well below average, and I therefore...
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    Creative 128 PCI

    While I am about ot buy a new computer, I have been given a quote which I am very pleased with, however the soundcard included would be a Creative 128 PCI. Is this card very substandard to the...
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