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    Help With Signing Into Chrome on Win10

    I have Win10 on this laptop only, and I have Win7 on everything else I have. They are both 64 bit. I am able to sign into Chrome on all of my Win7 machines, but I have tried every trick I know, incl....
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    Is This Company Legit, or Pro Hackers?

    I hope this is the correct sub-forum to place this in. If not PLEASE forgive me, and please put it where it belongs. MOST importantly, if what I describe to you is some kind of hacking fraud, please...
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    Turnkey Sites That Support MIDI Files

    You folks may not believe this but I'm simply trying to find a turnkey site (Tried Wix, Weebly, etc.) that I can sell MIDI files off of. What you won't believe is NONE, NOT ONE of these...
  4. OCZ-AGIL ITY3 SATA SSD 120 Gig Randomly Crashing

    Subject line says it all, or at least what I know. It does it quite often as well.

    Please Help,
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    Column Headings in Win Explorer

    SOMEBODY PLEEZE tell me there is a way to change the column headings in Win Explorer whenever the folder you're looking in contains audio files the headings don't follow the normal headings as when...
  6. RealTek Audio Chip on ASUS M5A97 EVO Not Getting input Signal

    So, I've got the ASUS M5A97 EVO MOBO that has a RealTek Audio chip. Yes, ALL the drivers, and BIOS software is of latest releases, but for some reason NONE of the input ports get any signal. Also,...
  7. Error Code is: 0x8007232B. It says "DNS name does not exist." HELP!

    I'm trying to Activate a LEGAL, LEGAL copy of Win7 Enterprise 64Bit! I'm getting an error code when I try to do it online:

    The Error Code is: 0x8007232B. It says "DNS name does not exist."
    I wish...
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